Singh “Heart” Jaideep Replaces Badr Hari In The K1 Final

With Badr Hari facing serious jail-time, K1 has tapped kickboxing veteran Sing Jaideep as his replacement.

I can’t help but think how disappointing this whole change of events is. Jaideep doesn’t even have a tenth of the star power that Badr possesses.

Yet it might be those very qualities that have made Badr a star, that are also the qualities that cause his constant demons.

People are rarely one perfect package, and while Badr’s ferocity and charisma in the ring are unmatched, its obvious that outside the ring he can’t keep those emotions or feelings in check.

As a result, he has let down himself, K1, his fans who love him so much, and even others like Mike Passenier and Naazim Richardson.


At Least Chantal Oornink Is Having A Good Time

While Badr Hari sits in jail, his ex-girlfriend Chantal Oornink looks like she’s having a good time. I can’t help but think she must be glad to not be part of his drama anymore.


Mike Kim Claims Badr Hari Will Still Compete In The K1 Tournament

The new owner of K1, Mike Kim, claims that Badr Hari, will still be part of the Final 16. Personally, I believe that Mike Kim very well knows that Hari’s kickboxing career is the least of his worries right now. I highly doubt Badr Hari will be competing in the K1 tournament. I believe Kim is only saying this, because he doesn’t want to squash any momentum K1 has going for them in staging this legendary tournament.

Still, it’s interesting to note that it appears that Badr still has Kim and K1’s support - at least for now.


Badr Hari’s Advisor Claims Badr Is A Broken Man

Below is a translated version of the radio interview with Badr Hari’s “advisor” and Remy Bonjasky. Thanks to the fansofk1.com website for providing the transcript.

At 3:30 min they start talking about the badr hari situation

Host : How do you become the personal adviser of badr hari

3:30 Min  : badrs adviser says …. my wife asked me the same .

first im a mental coach for soccer players and other top athleets

Badr hari came to me i asked him what do you want me to do for you he asked me if i can help him with his image and how to deal with his carreer.

Badr is a guy from the streets he was a young young boy wen he became famous ..he wanted me to guide him tru the proffesional side of his carreer

he really wanted to change he was open to me and vulnerable

first thing i told him we should let the people know who the real badr hari is duc i dont know you .

Their showing sum footage of him being harresd by the boys in blue.

Badr,s mental coach is saying look the footage you just saw ..it leaves the impression like he is being arrested or picked up by the cops ..While in reallity he was just driving tru amsterdam. i dont wanna put a stigmata but we all know driving in amsterdam with a nice care and being marrocan is a Magnet for the cops ..he is telling when you are marrocan or dutch with a different background you wil be pulled to the side more often

Badr adviser ..Directs people to a movie that was made about overeem by dirk baaiens he is telling people to watch it cus it gives a clear picture of who badr is …badr was talking about a storm in his head …

Lets not forget badr is a young boy 28 years old and everybody makes mistakes everybody goth ups and downs ..his excist of conflicts and such .

Host : Remy how many times have you stooth in the ring against badr.

Bonjasky: i have fought him twice and i won both fights ..

Host: what kind of boy is he in the ring

Bonjasky: he is a real tallent a Good kickboxer lots of tallent we are both great fighters its just because of his emotiens he goes to farr and dus stupid things its a pitty cus he is a great fighter one of the best .

Host: we are looking at sum footage of a fight that became conteversial

Bonjaskt: yes it baceme conteversial because he goth disqalified and it was a pitty for him and for me ..he kicked me when the reff said break and in kickboxing when a oponent falls you stop specially if the reff said break.

Host: Do you think he dus not know how to control him self or stop .

Bonjasky: i dont know i dont know him that well out-side of the ring i just concentrate on him in the ring cus thats important to me what he dus outside of the ring ..aint really my concern.

Host : to badrs adviser For you it is important what he dus outside of the ring he came to your doorstep 2 years a go .. We are 2 years further now and he is a Suspect in 2 assault cases now ..

Badr,s Adviser : The way remy behaves badr should behave like that to i had a lott of discusions with badr about that he needs to talk like a pro athleet also when he talks about his sport . Also after what happend in the fight agains remy „ i told him you need to appoligise for that to him and to the fans and for the sport .. he did that after lots of conversasions with him ..and he stil did not want to do it . Because for his culture its weak to do such a thing saying you are sorry ..So i explained to him it takes a bigger man to admit your mistakes and it wil make you stronger .. badr is a real sensitve sweet man but he also is real emotienal and explosive and i think the andereline of fighting and his caracter is the difficult thing for him to controle

Host : to adviser the 2 cases that are presented against him how do you think about that adviser says i dont have a opinion on that because its not on me to make a judgement on that we goth a justice system and the court for that ..i just keep bussy with trying to guide this man as good as possible he wants to be a role model for his culture his people and his youth for the kids .

Host : but these kind of clames and cases dont really help him with that ..lets look at sum footage of the ministry .

footage : badr hari is a suspect in 2 assault cases both people press charges

Host : you was there with badr at the event sensation

badrs adviser: those events are hectic and those fighters ere real populair people wil pull you jump on you man and woman ..sumtimes they want to fight you ..

Bonjasky: yeah sumtimes when people are drunk they will pull your clothes sumstimes they wanna sparr with you .. But me personally just talk to them and if i dont feel like it ill say sum other time i dont have that mutch time right now ..i never fellt the need to be aggresive .

Host: to badr,s adviser what do you advice him know what should he do ..

badrs adviser : only thing i can say is speak the truth be open and tell them how it is and what you know .

Host: do you still have contact with him ..

badrs adviser: yes of course everyday i spoke to him today and yesterday

Host: how is he doing now

badrs adviser: well he is pretty broken emotienly keep in mind he is being put under a loop .. cus he is famous he has a relation with a famous dutch celibirty plus he is marrocan and yes im saying this cus we need to stop with this type of stigmata

host : do you think he is innocent

badrs adviser: i cant say anything about that what i do feel is sympathie for the man because the man was judged before he was even heard by the police .He wants to be a exapmle and role model for the youth and he can be just that ..But its not easy being badr hari .and i will do me best to help him with that .

END i hope the translation was good enuff



Free Badr

On a lighter note, FREE BADR.

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Badr Hari’s K1 Dreams Are Over

Badr Hari will be in police custody for 90 days, which is reserved only for people who have a lot of evidence against them. This means that there is no way he will be able to compete in K1’s next event in October.

K1 has invested a lot in Badr Hari, and it seems at this point it has all come to nil. Badr Hari has been in this kind of trouble before, but has always seemed to escape serious jail-time. This time, however, the victim is an internet millionaire, and cannot be payed off like perhaps previous victims have been before.

Someone commented that Badr seems to be in a similar position that his hero, Mike Tyson, was in, when he was sent to jail for the rape of Desiree Washington. Once released, Mike Tyson, was never the same fighter that he was before. It remains to be seen what impact this event will have on Badr’s career. Whatever it is, Badr’s future career prospects look bleaker than ever. It will probably be a long time before we ever see Badr Hari in the ring again. What a waste of talent.


Badr Hari Admits Guilt, Currently In Solitary Confinement

According to many reports, Badr Hari has turned himself in and admitted guilt after finishing a vacation with his girlfriend Estelle Gullit.

There were too many witnesses who saw the exchange between Badr Hari and the victim at the music festival, and he has admitted his involvement.

This doesn’t bode well for his participation in the K1 Grand Prix, or for his career in general. I wonder if his career will ever recover from this. As for his boxing career, I now consider that a thing in the past, a fanciful dream he had more than anything else.


Badr Hari In Police Custody

Thanks to my astute readers, I don’t even have to do much research to find out what’s been going on with the bad boy lately. Unfortunately, it seems like recently, all the news have been disappointing - from abandoning his ex-girlfriend and newly born daughter, to cavorting with a married woman, and now (worst of all) being named the primary suspect in a recent assault case.

Things have gone from bad to worse, Badr is in custody and has been arrested. His girlfriend, Estelle Gullit, may even be called to testify. He has been named as the primary suspect, and is being sued by the co-owner of the club.

Trouble like this, seems to follow Badr Hari like the plague. Hopefully, his troubles outside the ring, won’t permanently damage his career inside the ring. Although this looks very likely.


K1 Event For October 14th In Japan Confirmed

K1 has officially confirmed that their next event will take place in Japan on October 14th. Although the schedule hasn’t been announced yet, it sounds like very soon the schedule will be released.

This is a golden opportunity for Badr Hari to redeem himself from his performance against Anderson Silva. With ample time to train, he has no excuses for not putting in a stellar performance in his next fight.


Badr Hari Once Again In Trouble For An Alleged Assault

Liverkick.com has reported that Badr Hari has been accused in the brutal assault of a Dutch millionaire:

Badr Hari cannot escape his violent past, even while partying it up in the Amsterdam ArenA with his celebrity girlfriend, Estelle Cruyff, in a VIP box. As we reported earlier, at a Dutch dance festival in Amsterdam, Badr Hari was present and in his VIP box a 38 year-old man was brutally assaulted, with his leg and face badly damaged.

It looks like the victim is multimillionaire Koen Everink, and that the damages to his person might be so severe that he might never be able to walk properly again. The police have not ruled out Badr’s involvement in the assault yet, although he and his lawyer claim he is innocent. From the reports that we are hearing he will give a statement to the police either today or tomorrow and hopefully this can be cleared up.

After a promising beginning to 2012 Badr’s life has veered even more of course than I had even thought possible. Hopefully, Badr is not involved, and this matter can be cleared up, so he can focus on his career again.